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Human Chemokines

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Product name Size A Size B Size C Size D
Anti Hu CCR6
0.1mg $525.00
Anti Hu Eotaxin1/CCL11
0.5mg $230.00
1.0mg $410.00
Anti Hu Eotaxin2/CCL24
0.5mg $295.00
1.0mg $540.00
Anti Hu MCP1/CCL2
0.5mg $225.00
1.0mg $400.00
Anti Hu MCP3/CCL7
0.5mg $295.00
1.0mg $540.00
Anti Hu MIP1a/CCL3
0.5mg $295.00
1.0mg $540.00
Anti Hu MIP3b/CCL19
0.5mg $295.00
1.0mg $540.00
Anti Hu NAP2/CXCL7
0.5mg $295.00
1.0mg $540.00

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